Do you plan on using your tiny home as your full time house?

About how many people do you think will usually be at your tiny at a time?

tiny home mom
tiny home family

Do you like having guests over?

How old are you?

What style most closely matches yours?

backyard studio
bungalow for sale
modern tiny home
tiny cottage

What’s most important to you in a home?

tiny home stairs
tiny kitchen
tiny home bathroom

Do you think you’ll move (with your tiny of course)?

How do you feel about tiny house lofts?

loft bedroom
tiny home storage
loft bedroom

Are you a bath person or a shower person?

tiny home bathroom

What tiny home is right for you?

tiny home builder

Our largest tiny, the Jude, is perfect for you.

32' 1 level tiny home on wheels

one level
Beach Bungalow

tiny bungalow


RV certified tiny homes and accessory dwelling unit

pretty tiny home
Roomy Retreat

tiny homes california


home on wheels

easy to pull

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