Make Money from Tiny Living:

If you want to make money in the tiny house industry but don’t yet have a THOW, you can still make an income from renting out your land or backyard space to someone looking to park their home.  Contact us if you have backyard space in California you’re interested in renting out.

Tiny Home Insurance:

We have a great relationship with Farmer’s Insurance Group.  Below is a list of key terms and coverage.  For more information contact Hope Cornejo: call 805-528-3118 or 661-706-1479 or email

  • Coverage A: Dwelling–This is the value of your tiny home if it gets destroyed.  Add solar panels and built in appliances to this value.  Typical ranges are from $25,000 to $125,000.
  • Coverage B: Other Structures–You went primitive and have an outhouse, you built a deck for your tiny home to rest on, or you have an awesome barn on your property.  Put it here.  Farmer’s Insurance can cover up to $50,000.
  • Coverage C: Contents–Clothes, pots, pans, the 68″ flat screen TV you mounted on the wall, the cool speakers you are hanging as art and your mattress.
  • Replacement Cost for Contents: You have a catastrophe.  Do you want a new replacement couch or a garage sale couch? Yeah, thought so…
  • Theft of Contents:  Farmer’s Insurance can cover up tp $3,000.
  • Theft of Tiny Home: If you’re worried about your tiny being stolen, this is for you!
  • Trip Endorsement: You plan on traveling around in your tiny home.  You need to be covered on the road.
  • Liability: Raging party time on the roof deck of the tiny and it collapses! Yikes.  Liability steps in to cover it.  This protects you against lawsuits.