4 Reasons This is so Important

Tiny House Inspection and Certification

With worldwide interest in tiny homes growing, there are a lot of options for where to buy your home.  You might even be considering making your own, building from scratch  or from a purchased shell.  We’ll explain why it’s important for your tiny home to be inspected and certified by a third party. 

1.  Parking

Many Places Require Certification

A common question among people thinking about buying a tiny home is where they can legally park their tiny house.  While there are a lot of different details surrounding how and where to park, many cities, tiny home communities and RV parks require that homes must be inspected and certified.  A lot of expertise is needed to know how to build a tiny home that’s quality crafted to code.  You’ll save yourself time and money by purchasing an independently inspected and certified tiny home.  Learn more about THOW codes in different areas and our certification process. 

 2. Safety

Ensure That Your Tiny Isn’t a Danger to You and Guests

Your home should be a safe refuge. Whether you live in your tiny, rent it out, use it for guest space, or use it for vacation, safety is important and safety is a critical element of the inspection process.

3. Sturdiness

Invest in a Home That’s Built With Quality

You’re investing in a home that you want to last. Your home will be exposed to all the challenges that our climate brings. Additionally, a lot of people buy a tiny home because for its mobility.  So quality matters.  We have a dedicated team of craftsmen with years of expert experience in building solid, quality, movable homes.

4. Resale Value

Get the Most out of Your Investment

Whether you’re buying a tiny house as a starter home, an investment, or an experiment, resale value is important. Each of our homes goes through a rigorous, independent inspection and certification process that helps support the resale value of your home. 

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