We have a great relationship with Farmer’s Insurance Group.  Below is a list of key terms and coverage.  For more information contact Hope Cornejo: call 805-528-3118 or 661-706-1479 or email hope.BVigiL1@farmersagency.com

  • Coverage A: Dwelling–This is the value of your tiny home if it gets destroyed.  Add solar panels and built in appliances to this value.  Typical ranges are from $25,000 to $125,000.
  • Coverage B: Other Structures–You went primitive and have an outhouse, you built a deck for your tiny home to rest on, or you have an awesome barn on your property.  Put it here.  Farmer’s Insurance can cover up to $50,000.
  • Coverage C: Contents–Clothes, pots, pans, the 68″ flat screen TV you mounted on the wall, the cool speakers you are hanging as art and your mattress.
  • Replacement Cost for Contents: You have a catastrophe.  Do you want a new replacement couch or a garage sale couch? Yeah, thought so…
  • Theft of Contents:  Farmer’s Insurance can cover up tp $3,000.
  • Theft of Tiny Home: If you’re worried about your tiny being stolen, this is for you!
  • Trip Endorsement: You plan on traveling around in your tiny home.  You need to be covered on the road.
  • Liability: Raging party time on the roof deck of the tiny and it collapses! Yikes.  Liability steps in to cover it.  This protects you against lawsuits.