Rent Land for Your Tiny Home:

If you’re interested in renting land for your tiny home, we can help.  Explore options below and let us know how we can help.

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Location: San Diego (Granite Hills)

Price: $1500 per month

From the Owner:

“Available lot for a tiny house or RV set up. *Must bring your own! *

Want to live in Granite Hills Area? We have a perfect spot on a hill in a nice, quiet secluded area surrounded by trees and great views nestled in a gated property, great location 3 mins away from Interstate 8. You’re welcome to decorate, plant, create a garden tastefully done.

Will be ready for you in couple weeks! Just bring your house and park it here!”

Prices can be negotiated with the right people. 

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Location: Joshua Tree, California

Price: $200 per month

From the Owner:

“This mustang sanctuary is focused on saving America’s wild horses while offering a unique ranch experience.  During your stay we provide multiple services that include trail rides, lessons, and more.  We are located at 6353 Cascade Rd, 10 minutes away from famous desert attraction known as Joshua Tree National Park in California.”  Solar panels are being added to the property soon.

Make Money from Tiny Living:

If you want to make money in the tiny house industry but don’t yet have a THOW, you can still make an income from renting out your land or backyard space to someone looking to park their home.  Contact us if you have backyard space in California you’re interested in renting out.