Our Tiny House Experience Runs Deep in Oregon

Portland has become one of the tiny house meccas in the United States, with two tiny house hotels and many tiny home builders. It also ranks as the largest city to allow full time living in tiny houses. We differentiate ourselves in the local market by being the most affordable tiny house company.

To further Portland’s reputation as a great place for tiny houses, Commissioner Chole Eudaly, head of the Planning and Zoning dept for the City of Portland has announced that the city will no longer enforce rules to not allow people to live permanently in tiny houses on wheels (THOW).  The city will also start preparing the way to codify new rules allowing people to live permanently in tiny houses.

As defined in the commissioner’s statement, the city will allow one tiny house per private property with an existing building and three tiny houses per commercial property with existing buildings. To learn more about the rules, please visit go here.

In addition to support from the city, there are several active local tiny house meetup groups and PAD (Portland Alternative Dwelling) a nonprofit puts on one of the most prestigious yearly meetings of tiny house advocates that includes city, county and state planners from all over the United States. You can learn more about them on their website