Great Quality at Great Prices. RVIA certified, NADA listed. Loans available. 

Our builds are RVIA certified (RVIA inspects our builds and shop every 6 to 10 weeks) and NADA listed (This is where banks go to determine the value of your Tiny for a loan, if not listed on NADA they will not approve a loan).

Generally our lenders require: 600 FICO score or better, 5% to 20% down O.A.C. , up to  25 year loans. All loan decisions and terms are made by the lenders.  Not us 🙁

Example payments and down based on 25 year loan, 6% interest APR for well qualified borrowers, 5% down (lender may require more down). Your loan terms may be different. O.A.C

Penny base price $45,900.00                         Down 5% $2,295.00        Monthly $280.95

Strawberry base price $54,900.00               Down 5% $2,745.00       Monthly $336.04

Jude base price $59,900.00                            Down 5% $2,995.00         Monthly $366.64


Lenders will need to know how much you want to borrow and the make and model of your Tiny before applying. We require a quote from us before applying with our lenders.

Delivery, State Taxes, registration and Doc. fees can be rolled into your loan.

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