3 Ways to Pay for a Tiny Home

Even though tiny homes are smaller and more affordable than traditional houses, they’re still a large expense for most people.  If you’re worried about how you’re going to fund your dream tiny, STOP.  We’re here to help, with different solutions to fit everyone’s situation.  Follow along to find out how you can pay for your home on wheels.

1.  Tiny home Loans:

We have a great relationship with with nationwide lender, Liberty Bank.  They can help finance the home you want.  To find out if you’re eligible for a loan, start by getting a free quote.

2.   Build Your Own from Scratch:

Have bad credit and can’t get a loan?  Or maybe you can get a loan but you’re feeling crafty?  We sell Department of Transportation compliant trailers starting at $7,050.  The trailers we sell are the same ones we build our homes on.  They come in a variety of dimensions and can hold up to 21,000 pounds.  

3.  Have Help Building Your Home

If saving money and embarking on a DIY project interests yet intimidates you, there’s another solution.  We sell tiny house shells for some of our models, making it easier for people who want to build their own house.  We frame the exterior walls and roof on top of a DOT compliant trailer.  We complete it with OSB/plywood sheathing and cut out all of the windows.  Like our Jude tiny home but don’t want to spend $69,000?  You can get a Jude shell for less than half the price.

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