Buying a Move-In Ready Tiny Home vs. Buying a Built to Order House

Read This Before Making Your Decision

Tons of people reach out to us asking if we have any completed tiny homes that they can immediately purchase.  On the other side, we also have gobs of people asking us to help them build their dream tiny from scratch.  Before deciding which route to go, there are three main factors you should consider:

1.  Customization

Use Your Creativity in Every Step of the Build Process or Lean on the Experts for Decisions

Anytime you buy a product that’s made-to-order, there are more opportunities for customization…layouts can be changed, different materials can be ordered, etc. That being said, a lot of details can be adjusted in a completed tiny home.  Details such as changing appliances or paint colors are easy to make to a finished tiny home.  For example, our completed Blackbird tiny is currently set up with a propane stove/oven, composting toilet, and white walls.  However, we can change all of that.  Get a free quote and discover your options.   

2.  Time Frame

Do You Need Your Tiny Home Now or In a Few Months

To state the obvious, it takes time to order materials, make plans, build the home, and get it inspected. Don’t want to wait?  You don’t have to if you buy a move-in ready tiny home.  However, a lot of people want some time to find a place to park, do some research, and get their finances together.  Whether you want your house immediately or in a few months, we have options to suit you.  

3.  Inspection and Certification

Do You Have the Time and Resources to Get Certified

As explained in a previous blog post it’s important for your tiny home to be inspected and certified to help ensure parking, safety, sturdiness, and high resale value.  It takes time and money to have a tiny home certified.  Everything we sell goes through a rigorous inspection process.  If you don’t want to wait through that process, you don’t have to if you buy a house that’s already completed and passed inspection.  

Want to see a tiny house being built? Check our YouTube channel