Want to build your own tiny home on wheels?  Well now you can easier and more affordably than ever.  We offer a variety of tiny home plans, trailers, and shells

28' Strawberry Tiny Home Plans and Materials List

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Our plans include everything you need to learn how to build your own tiny home. We include a materials list, detailed instructions, and drawings for every step of the build. We even added in some helpful tips we've picked up from years of making tiny homes.

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28 ft $10.4k

32 ft $11k

30 ft $10.5k

18 ft $8.25k

20 ft $8.5k

24 ft $8.9k

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Jude 28 and 32 ft $34.6k and $36.6k

Blackbird 28 and 32 ft $34.6k and $36.6k