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Dimensions: 28′ x 8.5′

Square Feet: 357 sq ft

Starting Price: $74,900

Our most spacious tiny home, full of upgrades, is discounted and available now.  Just tell us your preferences on some final building details like flooring and paint and it’ll be ready for delivery within 2 weeks.  FREE delivery in California for this offer only.

The Jude is our largest tiny, standing 8.5’ wide by 28’ long and 13.5’ high to measure a total of over 357 square feet.  There’s a private main floor bedroom and a large lofted bedroom with additional space for storage.  Enjoy a large, sunny kitchen with all the appliances you want.  Relax in the bathtub or enjoy a shower; this tiny has both.

Included with the Home
  • Upgrade: full-size propane stove and oven, Benefit: gas stove instead of electric and more cooking room
  • Upgrade: on demand hot water heater with 2 propane tanks, Benefit: longer and more reliable access to hot water (i.e. longer, warmer showers)
  • Upgrade: stainless steel sink with cutting board, Benefit: multi-functional space saving kitchen solution
  • Upgrade: painted kitchen cabinets
  • Upgrade: full-size bathtub
  • Upgrade: closed cell spray foam in floor and ceiling, Benefit: better overall tiny house insulation
  • Upgrade: mini split AC, Benefit: on-demand heating and cooling
  • Upgrade: washer and dryer, Benefit: clean clothes without using a laundromat
  • Upgrade: stairs, Benefit: no need to struggle with a ladder
  • Upgrade: painted tongue and groove interior cladding, Benefit: higher quality and more durable