5 Reasons to Go Tiny

Tiny homes and accessory dwelling units, also called “ADUs”, have been increasing in popularity for the past few years.  At first, many people saw them as a cute novelty.  However, as time has gone on, tiny homes have proven to be much more than a passing trend.

Laws have changed in many major cities to be more accommodating of tiny homes on wheels or THOWs.  There are more resources to help potential homeowners figure out the ins-and-outs of tiny living.  Furthermore, people have discovered how to make money from tinies.

One of the best aspects of our homes is their versatility.  They’re moveable so your home can go with you when a new community beckons.  They’re customizable so you can get the features you want.  We also have move-in ready homes that can be delivered immediately.

Here are some of the most popular ways to utilize a tiny:


Whether for vacations or everyday use, tinies have endless potential as rentals.  Tinies offer the privacy of a free-standing home in a manageable size.  During these times of social distancing, people are more interested than ever in renting a private space.  Many vacationers want a unique vacation experience and tiny homes certainly fit the bill.  It’s also no secret that popular cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose need more housing options.  THOWs can be a great solution for so many people looking to live, vacation, or run a business in an in-demand area.

Full-time Home

There are many reasons people choose to go tiny full-time.  A tiny house is often the most cost-effective custom home available.  Well-made tiny homes like ours can be very energy efficient, allowing you to live “green” and save on utility bills.  The tiny home market is growing, so many people choose to invest in a tiny home as their starter home, with confidence that they can sell their home later.  Additionally, many retirees are attracted to the ease of living in a tiny home.

Backyard Office

More people work remotely now than ever.  But after a while of using the kitchen table for your office it often feels more like you’re living at work than working from home.  A separate backyard studio can be beneficial to your mental health and your work productivity.  Many people put tinies in their backyards so they can escape the distractions inside their primary house.  A backyard office helps create a separation between work and home which helps fight the living-at-work anxiety many experience while remote working.

In-Law Suite or Guest House

Tinies allow guests to have their own space near the main house.  Many homes aren’t equipped to comfortably welcome guests for short-term visits or long-term stays. Backyard tiny homes can be used to create additional independent living space and privacy for guests and hosts.  Your loved ones can be close, but not too close.

Retail Shops

Some entrepreneurs use tinies as cute and innovative structures for retail businesses.  Shop owners report that customers are attracted to the ingenuity of a tiny shop on wheels.  Since tinies are in fact smaller than many houses and storefronts, they’re easier to renovate and redecorate to help drive store traffic.  And their mobility means shop owners can relocate their tiny if business plans change.

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