Your choice on all models or custom built.  Loans Available On Approved Credit.

AVAILABLE NOW: Limited Offer On Our BIGGEST Tiny House

We have a nearly completed Jude model available now.  Just tell us your preferences on some final building details like flooring and paint and it’ll be ready for delivery within 2 weeks.  Free delivery to California for this exclusive offer.  Loans available on approved credit.

Cheeky Monkey Models



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Sierra Models


A Tiny Home Company With a Focus on Great Quality and Great Prices

Cheeky Monkey Tiny House provides great quality homes at great prices.  All of our houses are 119.2 and 119.5 certified by PacWest.  We ship homes all over the USA!  Based in California, we have a large presence on the west coast, including Oregon and Washington.  If you need financing, we have several lenders we work with to help you get a loan for one of our tiny homes.

Over the past several years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the best tiny house companies in the world. After speaking with thousands of people interested in tiny homes and attending many tiny house shows from Tampa, Florida to San Jose, California, and after helping hundreds of people buy their dream tiny house, and after hearing thousands of people say, “I can’t afford that, I thought tiny houses were supposed to be affordable,” it was time to start an affordable, loan eligible tiny house line. 

In addition to our own models, we sell the very popular Sierra Tiny House line of tiny houses. We also sell used tiny houses for other people.   For detailed pricing, please fill out the form on the pricing menu.

Heck, everyone likes a good deal. Everyone has a right to a home that is safe, affordable and beautiful. I hope you enjoy our website and please let us know if you have any questions.  Start designing your Tiny now Models/Pricing

Thanks, Randy and Cheeky (which one is Cheeky?)

Randy and Cheeky

Randy and Cheeky